fiche-ouvre-porte-31ak2q43cb1iob6eu9zmyy-e1497485502331 Automatic Door Opener in TorontoFor handicapped individuals in wheelchairs it can be very difficult, almost impossible, to maneuver a standard manual door entrance. Total Tech  Automatic Doors Toronto offers a huge selection of door systems that open and close automatically. These automatic systems are wheelchair accessible and handicap friendly. You can request handicap door opener installation for your home or business. Although, these systems are prominent in the commercial community, they can be very helpful in the residential community as well.

Residential Automatic Accessible Door


When most people think about handicap door operators they envision them in commercial locations. Although these systems are quite popular in commercial settings, they are certainly ideal for residential locations too. Total Tech  Automatic Doors Toronto offers a wide range of residential handicap door operators in Toronto, ON. These doors are specifically designed to make the opening and closing process easier for the handicapped.

Commercial Automatic Accessible Door

NA7-1024x372 Automatic Door Opener in TorontoRunning a good business isn’t just about providing the right service or products to your customers, but also providing them with a welcoming atmosphere. Handicapped persons may not feel welcomed if your public business isn’t equipped with handicap doors and door operators. The good thing about our company is that we help companies like yours that are in need of professional commercial handicap door operatorsservice, and for a price that won’t set your business back.

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Universal Washrooms Hardwares

washroom-hardware Automatic Door Opener in Toronto



Many modern building codes have increased the number of accessibility requirements that need to be met for public washrooms.  These new standards make our public places usable for a greater number of people. We are experts in this niche.

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business-man-in-wheelchair-pushing-button-to-open-door-141343661-1024x683 Automatic Door Opener in Toronto

We provide a professional handicap door opener installation at a reasonable price. You can get handicap automatic door openers with the automatic swing door and sliding door option. The swing process is most common and the low energy system is recommended. The low voltage process uses less power and opens and closes slowly providing the handicapped individual plenty of time to maneuver through the entrance. Our experts provide handicap automatic door installation quickly and effectively. We also offer handicap button installation.

The handicap pushbutton is ideal for the handicapped because they can open the doors to your business with an easy push of the button. We will install systems and push buttons in a very short period of time. Most handicap door openers operate with a pneumatic, electromechanical, or electrohydraulic process. We offer dependable handicap door opener repair on all systems. These systems are very commonly used in airports, large retail establishments, hospitals, and so much more. We keep plenty of durable components on hand to keep your unit up and running.

At Toronto  Automatic Doors, we take handicap door operators service very seriously. We offer high quality handicap door opener service at a very low price. You deserve the most effective service provided by the best trained professionals in the field. Our specialists are experienced, friendly, and highly respected throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction so drop by and see us about your new handicap door system today. You will be glad that you did!



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