Security Camera Systems

Video Surveillance (also known as CCTV Systems)

Video cameras for surveillance are an important element in every corporate security program to intentionally protect your people, property, and assets. Total Tech guidance as industry professionals will benefit your business by mitigating risk and ensuring business continuity in your workplace. Being accountable for any loss that occurs at your business is a substantial responsibility especially when faced with obstacles such as the size and span of your buildings, remote locations, number of areas requiring protection, and the sheer volume of risk and threats. Let our experienced team at Total Tech come up with a video surveillance solution to meet your organization’s needs – get in touch with us today!


When assessing a video surveillance strategy for your environment, there are three reasons to have cameras:


  1. To obtain visual information about something that is happening;
  2. To obtain visual information about something that has happened;
  3. To deter undesirable activities.


Satisfying the first two reasons requires the right combination of cameras and lenses, video recorder and system training. At Total Tech we have designed, installed, and supported thousands of cameras in a vast range of environments. Security is more than guessing; it is assessing, understanding and managing the risk. Our experience allows us to be successful in visually identifying events and preventing occurrences.
Total Tech team has deployed video surveillance into many environments enabling security programs to meet their goals:


Public Places – We work with organizations that are responsible for public places to understand what their security challenges are in these environments, and then use our expertise and experience to ensure that camera placement, scene views, and image captures meet their needs. Camera locations, light levels, adjacent property use, traffic patterns, power availability, available mounting surfaces, indoor/outdoor, clean/dirty environment, residential/commercial/industrial are just some of the considerations we will assess and take into account when developing a video surveillance solution for a public space.

Remote Sites – The benefits of installing video surveillance at remote sites is to allow monitoring to take place from command and control locations. Video footage is often used to observe real time production gages and instruments, thereby eliminating the need for staff or security personnel to be physically present at the site to take readings. In some cases, our clients have circumstances in which a site becomes dangerous for employees, yet still needs to be monitored. In these scenarios, configuring a remote monitored system using surveillance video is a safe and viable option.

Employee-Client Management – In many cases, setting up video surveillance to assist viewing and recording requires the system to view both staff and clients. Generally, when this occurs, there is a risk of fraudulent activities, chance of someone getting hurt, shop lifting taking place, or internal shrinkage occurring. The benefit of having video surveillance in these scenarios is to provide law enforcement with pictures and re-enactment details, gather learning video on how to better merchandise a store, for example, or create training videos showing staff interaction with clients and other staff.

Private business – We’ve worked with many clients who include video surveillance in their security program to simply record and collect the camera footage. Video can then be recalled to provide evidence to settle disputes, prove or disprove claims, and otherwise reduce uncertainty about past activities that took place at the organization. Accurate and clear camera footage is vital to these organization’s overall risk management strategies.

These are just a few of the many video surveillance solutions we have been able to offer our clients. Have you considered how an effective, strategic, high-quality, integrated video surveillance system can benefit your security program? We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to create a system that meets your organization’s needs. Even after installation, our training program and maintenance plans will provide you with the tools and skills you need, and give you peace of mind that your system is in good hands.

Contact us today to talk to us about how we can work together to add or improve a video surveillance component in your company’s security program!