Total Technologies handle our 6 major depo across western Canada ( Edmonton , Calgary, Winnipeg , Saskatoon , Regina ) . from sale to installation they are best .

McGavin Foods Ltd - Jordan : Supervisor for western Canada

The service is great, the equipment is incredible and they give you a lot of technical feedback when required. It boils down to great service – they give you a date and keep it.”


We chose them because of their willingness to work with us on the reserve and their understanding of the work environment. They had great technical capabilities when we had problems, whether big or small, and they are culturally sensitive.

SST Trucking - Raj Singh

They are easy to work with and provide a great service.

Allan's Landscaping Ltd - James allan

They were very professional. We have had no problems since the installation.

I like that the employees feel a sense of ownership with their company. When I have questions there is always someone who I can speak to.

North Gate HotelCarol

They answered their phone when the others didn’t. They were personable and when I asked specific questions they were able to put together a package. They did this quickly and we were in need of it happening quickly. Our company sends out request to tender across Alberta and Saskatchewan the best deal.

Our installer was very responsive and a very nice individual that made me want to stay with their company. I’m the type of person that if I have trust in the company I will stay with them.

Turanich Property ManagementGeorge

The best thing about them is service. If I have an issue, I make a call and it gets auctioned right away.